Air, south, predator, small, confident, active

The Bat is the only mammal that overcame gravity and learned to fly! Likewise, people Bats overcome themselves and circumstances and soar over problems and difficulties. The flight may not be perfect, it doesn't look like a bird's flight, but it's still a flight!

Bats are endowed with strength and endurance to overcome any challenge, especially on the way to understanding the world. The Bat is gifted with the ability to see the world from a different point of view, to notice what others can't see.

Bats have powerful intuition, like a sonar that can help you make decisions in the dark. But not only intuition helps Bats, they can easily read between the lines and understand the hidden meaning of speech messages. They unmistakably identify the liar and bring him to light. Bats are endowed with the ability to think outside the box, not relying on a stereotyped view of the world. Often it is very difficult for others to understand Bats because of their unusual views.

Preferences and Fears

Bats are sociable; for a comfortable life, they need their flock. But they won't miss the opportunity to expand their social circle. Winter is more difficult for Bats, they prefer warm summer days.

Bats are decisive, especially when it comes to life changes. They won't delay the moment of making a decision or doubt.


Bats are more comfortable working in the afternoon. Towards the night they are full of energy and strength, but the morning awakening and business activity for the Bats is a very difficult task. With this schedule, it is difficult to choose a regular daytime occupation. Their relationship with design and architecture often brings them great results.

Bats are demanding of themselves, they are engaged in constant self-improvement, but often worry about trifles.