Land, herbivore, large, confident, active

Camel's philosophy, "be content with little", borders on stinginess. Ascetic Camels distribute their resources wisely and harmoniously, having no intention of wasting their time. Camels are philosophers who don't pursue wealth, never brag about their income.

Camel is rather skeptical, so it's impossible to deceive them. They don't take anything on faith, preferring to study the issue carefully first. Not a single detail escapes their insightful attention.

Preferences and Family

Camel is characterized by straightforwardness, even sharpness in their statements. They are not the kind of person who tells white lies, the truth is the only thing they can voice. Camels hate intrigue and gossip.

Camel is demanding with their loved ones, but rather soft and calm. They forgive their family's imperfections, but they teach their children to be independent. Camels often make fun of their relatives - it's their way to "educate" them pointing out aspects worth their attention. It's pretty hard for them to show their emotions and feelings, so it may give the illusion that Camels are haughty and cold-blooded.


Camels are very responsible when it comes to work. If they start anything, it means that they will certainly finish it.

It's very important for Camels to maintain a balance between work and rest, not overdo it in order to avoid becoming a workaholic. One needs to take a rest from time to time, too!

Camels do not like rush, they carefully and patiently ponder over their actions. A job that requires lightning fast reactions is not the right fit for them. They need to plan everything. Also, Camels feel much more relaxed and comfortable when working alone, it is difficult for them to perform quality teamwork. Plus, they are pretty stubborn, which can affect their lives in two ways: their confidence and persistence can help them achieve good results, but if the Camel goes wrong, it is difficult for them to stop and admit the fallacy of their path.