Land, predator, small, confident, not active

They say Cats walk by themselves for a reason. They prefer solitude and don't particularly like their own kind. They need their personal space. Finding themselves in a line, at a flea market, where others are too close to them, is not to their liking. They form attachments to an extremely small number of people, and they don't flaunt these relationships.

Cats are not hot-tempered; they avoid conflicts. They try to understand the situation, not escalate it.

Preferences and Fears

The Cat is not one to openly express their feelings to the whole world. Even their soulmate does not always manage to get an explanation from them. They hide the pleasant emotions they get from compliments and courtship deep down inside. One might get the impression that communication with their loved one is not important for them, appearing like an act of condescension, although deep inside, their emotions can run high.

The Cat strongly dislikes excessive demonstrations of feelings and won't tolerate such an attitude towards themselves. A loved one should just be there but not overwhelm the Cat with control and expression of feelings.

The Cats' attitude towards children is interesting: they provide care and material benefits but try not to impose their views on them, teaching the child to think for themselves. Cat parents keep a watchful eye on their children, protecting them if necessary, but in normal situations, children must cope on their own.

However, if the Cat lacks warmth and attention, they become depressed. The line between "don't bother me" and "you don't notice me" is very fine. The Cat sometimes purrs because they're in a pleasantmood, and sometimes, they extend their claws. Also, the Cat doesn't forgive insults; they love themselves too much to forgive being treated poorly.

Cats are clean and take good care of their bodies and themselves. Good sleep is important for Cats, as their nervous system and overall health depend on it.


Cats do not spring into action at the forefront; they don't mind letting others do things for them. They excel in the commercial sphere, being capable of "purring" any potential partner or customer into agreement. Their second talent, but no less important, is the ability to understand people and sense threats because they have a perfect flair for rats!