Land, herbivore, small, not confident

Cockroach does not strive for fame and fortune. They can be content with little, rejoice in what they have. Just like representatives of a popular modern philosophy - Lagom.

Cockroaches are secretive, they can be alone for a long time. Nevertheless, they feel people, they can sympathize with them absolutely sincerely. They do have empathic abilities, but they are in no hurry to show them. They feel so comfortable in their shell.

Emotional Sphere

In the emotional sphere, the Cockroach is an alarmist and paranoid. Their fears gnaw them and eat them up. It is often easier for them to run away from a problem, hide from it than face it. But if they find motivation, then no challenges can stop them. They will chase their dreams relentlessly.


Cockroaches are evasive, they won't allow anyone to manipulate them and put pressure on them. They are used to relying on themselves only and make their own decisions.

Cockroach won't give up even if it takes them years to achieve what they want. They don't care. Cockroach plays their own game following their own rules and doesn't listen to anyone.