Water, south, predator, small, confident, active

Crab's life is a constant struggle with themselves, their fears. Crabs have their peculiarity – the shell. It's both their protection and their anchor. Sometimes Crabs cling too tight to this shell out of their convictions, it literally does not allow them to break free. But if the Crab dares to change, they will certainly be in fortune's favor.

Preferences and Fears

In romantic relationships, it's not easy for the Crabs to get out of their shell and trust their other half either. Therefore, the Crab approaches the choice of their partner very wisely, they don't jump into the deep end of passion without thoroughly studying their dearie.

Crabs aren't picky when it comes to food, they basically have no food preferences. We can say that they are omnivorous.


Crabs can adapt to life in any environment. The same goes for work: they can handle almost any job. Their learning ability and perseverance are amazing. After all, Crabs do not expect favors from fortune, they arrange their lives themselves.