Water, south, predatory, large, confident, active

Crocodiles are strong personalities who can swim against the tide and often do so. Any restrictions society tries to impose on them are alien to them.

Their dual nature is connected to their ability to live both on land and in water. They often live on the edge between two worlds. However, they are masters of disguise with superhuman endurance. They can observe for hours, wait for the right moment and, rest assured, they will not miss their chance when attacking.

Preferences and Fears

They, sometimes, are unreasonably cruel, and they are ready for any adventures to achieve what they want. Don't expect compassion from them, their tears should not be trusted. It's better not to mess with the Crocodiles.


However, Crocodile talents can come in handy in the service to society. Their gift of being inconspicuous often finds expression in their choice of occupation. They become detectives, bodyguards, soldiers, or even collectors. But the thirst for adrenaline, unwillingness to obey laws and foundations, rebellion can result in more dangerous and illegal "jobs".