Land, north, herbivore, large, insecure, not active

Deer is a being with an agreeable, non-confrontational personality. They are very sensitive and attentive to little things. Deer are observant and receptive to the feelings of other people, they empathize and sympathize with everyone in need.

Preferences and Fears

Deer are modest, shy, and rather timid animals. They can smell danger and run away from it in time. They are uncomfortable in the spotlight, they feel out of their element there. Deer live a peaceful, calm life; bustle and haste lead them to a stressful state. Reindeer are uncomfortable with the atmosphere of rivalry and competition, they try to immediately leave such an environment.

Deer are discerning, it's simply impossible to deceive and outwit them, they are always on the alert. At the same time, Deer have an exaggerated sense of justice.


In the professional sphere, Deer show freedom-loving personality traits, independence, and decisiveness. But being close to predatory leaders doesn't make them happy, so the right atmosphere is very important to unleash their talents. It's easy for them to achieve success in sports, especially in athletics.