Type C - Conscientiousness: private, analytical, and logical (moderate-paced and skeptical)

Your Quote:

It takes less time to do a thing right, than it does to explain why you did it wrong.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What is C Type in DISC Personality Types model?

People with personality type C are usually pragmatic, possess an analytical mindset. They value logic, objectivity in decision making and, often, they are skeptical about both the people around them and the events. They value facts and details, not emotions or feelings. At first glance, they may seem rather cold and inhospitable, but to understand their true feelings you need to earn their trust.

Type С Key Personality Traits

Most often, representatives of type C are quite serious people who keep feelings private. They are attentive to details, easily distinguish lies and insincerity. By the prevailing mood - realists or pessimists.

Type C people value the limits of their independence in both professional and personal spheres. That is why such people seem to be rather closed, proud and too serious for others.

Usually people with personality type C:

  • Do not feel excited about noisy events
  • Not prone to emotional decisions
  • Well verse the behavior of other people, easily distinguish a lie from the truth
  • Demanding of themselves and others
  • Punctual and organized
  • Prefer concrete, not abstract ideas

C Type Strengths

  • Before deciding carefully think about its consequences
  • Use a structured and methodological approach to achieve the goal
  • Comfortably work with large amounts of data
  • Assess the risks and weaknesses of any deal or event
  • They are not dreamers, don’t have false hopes
  • Well versed in people’s behavior
  • If they do something, they do it well

C Type Weaknesses

  • They cannot make a quick decision, as they need to consider all possible options
  • Afraid of delegating tasks, considering that they will not be done at the proper level
  • Avoid sincere conversations
  • Often complicate the solution of simple problems
  • Do not like very creative and spontaneous people
  • Often too critical of other people's skills

How to communicate with type C

Be punctual, speak closer to the point. Type C evaluates your professional skills, level of knowledge and objectivity, so you should thoroughly understand the subject of the conversation and operate perfectly with detailed facts and clear arguments. Use his interests for engaging in conversation, type C thoroughly likes both his work and his hobby

Conflicting with type C is dangerous - they are slightly susceptible to emotions, quite pragmatic and zealous in achieving the goal

Professional Relationships

People with personality type C work comfortably as long as they have enough freedom, time and personal space to do their job efficiently and with maximum accuracy. They have excellent organizing skills, can make accurate instructions for each team member so that their common work will lead to a great result.

They strive for accuracy and consistency, ask important questions and pay attention to problems that others prefer not to notice. Such people motivate colleagues to grow professionally and constantly improve the quality of their work.

The presence of type C is very useful for a team. It helps other members of the group think through the consequences of their decisions more carefully, assess the situation more comprehensively.

Type C works effectively if:

  • The amount of independent work is greater than the group work
  • There are clear principles and rules that all team members obey
  • They have the ability and time to structure and analyze information
  • There is no need to spend a lot of time talking, brainstorming, meetings, etc.
  • Colleagues are experienced professionals, not beginners

Best jobs for С personality type

  • Computer programmer
  • Systems administrator
  • Architect
  • Chemical engineer
  • Economist
  • Investment banker
  • Writer
  • Data scientist
  • Financial analyst
  • Software developer
  • Accountant
  • Detective

Romantic Relationships

Thanks to his analytical mind and ability to understand people’s behavior, type C is usually happy in love. Type C people can be very romantic with a loved one, despite their coldness with other people. To get his love, you first need to get his respect and become an interesting interlocutor with whom to speak.

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DISC Type С people are most similar to ISTJ, INTP, and INTJ in Myers-Briggs Personality Types.