Type I - Influence: sociable, talkative, and lively (fast-paced and accepting)

Your Quote:

Whoever is happy will make others happy too
— Anne Frank

What is I Type in DISC model?

People with personality type I are optimistic, always sociable, friendly and cheerful. Only I type people make it so easy and natural to attract the attention of others.

Personality Traits

As a rule, I type is a pretty sociable person who just needs to be among other people. They are so dependent on the ability to communicate with other people that they become happy only by fully realizing this desire.

Key characteristics of personality type I:

  • Enjoy meeting new interesting people
  • Get along well with people in any new group
  • Feel comfortable in the spotlight
  • Have a positive mindset and lots of creative ideas
  • Don't focus too much on details

I Type's Strengths

  • Enjoy personal communication
  • Excellent motivate others with their enthusiasm
  • Can find the “key” to different people
  • Able and like to improvise
  • Appreciate creative ideas
  • Understand how to motivate colleagues
  • Energize the whole team with energy and fun
  • Often become stars in group discussions and brainstorming

I Type's Weaknesses

  • They want to see only good qualities in people
  • Can spend more time discussing a task than doing it
  • Not always consistent, jumping from one topic or task to another
  • Hard to organize their own time
  • May have problems with deadlines
  • Often do not pay attention to details
  • Think over a lot of new ideas and tasks at the same time

Professional Relationships

When it comes to negotiations and meetings, I type people are the best. Being naturally beautiful speakers, they are able to convince, inspire and influence people These qualities allow them to be great leaders and managers. It is they who can find the positive influence of any negative factor, take a positive lesson from failure and inspire the team with enthusiasm to work with even more energy.

People of type I can easily find a common language with new team members, help others to unleash their full potential due to the focus on a creative and non-standard approach to work. Colleagues, as a rule, have a positive attitude towards such people, consider them friendly and are not afraid to give them their own ideas and opinions. Type I people have a good sense of humor and love to take part in discussions.

The presence of type I makes the atmosphere in the team more comfortable and creative.

Type I works well when:

  • His ideas are listened to and applied
  • Has a flexible work schedule
  • Participates in group events
  • Work does not require attention to details
  • Work should not be done in a deadline

Best jobs for an I personality type

  • Public relations manager
  • Creative director
  • Designer
  • News reporter
  • Hair stylist
  • Realtor
  • Travel agent
  • Insurance agent
  • Musician
  • Department head
  • Sales manager
  • Actor

Romantic Relationships

With such a partner as type I it will be always interesting and fun. Their focus on bright positive emotions charges the couple with a passion for travel and adventure. However, people of type I are not always constant and often stay open to new romantic relationships.

Type I may also have problems with long-term life planning - his point of view may be completely different from the point of view of the partner.

Related Myers-Briggs Personality Types

DISC Type I people are most similar to ENFP and ESFP types in the Myers-Briggs model.