Type S - Steadiness: gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted (moderate-paced and accepting)

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The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is S Type in DISC Personality Types model?

People of type S strive for harmony and peace. They are patient and not aggressive towards others. It is hard to male them angry or annoyed.

Type S Personality Traits

People of type S are most often honest and fair. They are great friends, always ready to help you.

Type S people - attentive listeners who can truly penetrate the thoughts and feelings of others, help with advice and deed in a difficult situation.

Key characteristics of personality type S:

  • Tolerant of different viewpoints
  • Always take care of how other people respond to their actions
  • Seek for a comfortable, peaceful environment without conflict
  • Feel comfortable next to a strong trusted leader
  • Avoid direct competition
  • Really enjoy helping others

S Type's Strengths

  • Constancy in relationships and actions
  • Bring stability to the work group relations
  • Reconcile and calm people during conflicts
  • Excellent team players
  • Always ready to help
  • Have patience and empathy
  • Excellent complement other types of personalities in workgroups
  • Attentive to the feelings of others

S Type's Weaknesses

  • Often can not persevere to defend their interests
  • Sacrifice their needs and time for the happiness of others
  • Avoid the conflict even to change the adverse situation
  • Not ready to defend the results of their work
  • Difficult to communicate with assertive and aggressive people
  • Delay the decision if it can lead to a conflict situation
  • Often have too soft behavior type to manage subordinates
  • Lose productivity in stressful situations

How to communicate with S type?

Remember people of type S do not like conflicts, therefore, in dealing with them you need to remain calm and friendly, avoid excessive criticism and assertiveness.

You should be attentive to their feelings, ask more questions than wait for it from the Type S. If you know about some interlocutor’s problems, be sure to pay attention to it and show sympathy.

Type S appreciates sincere and warm communication. Such people are pretty touchy, so be careful in your speech and actions.

Professional Relationships

Type S people work comfortably on stable, predictable environment. They are quite practical, always looking for the most optimal way to solve the problem. Can deal with many tasks at the same time. They may work rather slowly, but approach the result step by step.

You should have type S specialists in your working group to create a comfortable working atmosphere. They are excellent peacemakers, which helps to unite different types of personalities in one effective team. Goodwill, the ability to plan for the future, as well as the opportunity to openly discuss work problems are very important for them.

Type S work well if:

  • The employer pays attention to the needs of workers
  • Perform a supporting, not a leading role
  • There is a minimum of conflict and stress situations in the team
  • There are more team tasks than the individual
  • Competition within the team is minimized
  • Work does not require decisions that can affect the feelings of colleagues and partners
  • There is a friendly relationship of trust in the team
  • There is no need to make quick decisions

Best jobs for S personality type

  • Psychologist
  • Human resources manager
  • Coach
  • Dentist
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Psychiatrist
  • Financial adviser
  • High school teacher
  • Customer service rep
  • Nurse
  • Counselor
  • Social worker

Romantic Relationships

People of type S are sensitive and attentive partners. Excessive attention to the partner and avoidance of conflict situations can often be perceived as weakness and provoke the partner to selfish behavior. Type S wants to create deep, trusting relationships, does not tend to frequent partner changes.

In relationships values openness, honesty, understanding of one’s own needs and needs of the partner.

Related Myers-Briggs Personality Types

DISC Type S people are most similar to ISFJ, ESFP, and ISFP in Myers-Briggs Personality Types.