Land, south, predator, middle-sized, active, insecure

The Dog values friends, is devoted to them immensely, is always ready to help. It's always fun to have a conversation with a Dog, they're intellectual interlocutors. This animal can't tolerate injustice, they don't turn a blind eye to lawlessness; they prefer the truth, even though it's bitter.

Preferences and Fears

Those who have such a friend as a Dog among their friends should feel incredibly lucky. After all, no one will listen to you or comfort you better than them. However, the Dog will not immediately become such a devoted friend, they need time to test and start trusting someone. Being the center of attention is awkward for a Dog, but they always appear at the right time.

Don't expect open arms from them, they are secretive and in no hurry to open their soul and heart not only to a first comer, but even to a trusted companion. Their presence is rather a reward for those around them as the Wolf understands it. And they reward people only of his own free will, it’s useless to call on them.

Dogs have a good ear for music, they can sing, and often dance well. So occupations like singer, announcer, voice artist are perfect for Dogs.


In the work sphere, the Dog is distinguished by incredible energy and contagious enthusiasm. Their endurance and willingness to work for results are also striking. No wonder that Dogs' earnings are high. Dog prefers to work hard as a hired worker, fearing to start their own business, because they don't have enough leadership qualities for it. Moreover, they are more team players, and it is by cooperating with others that they manage to achieve their goals.