Water, south, predator, large, insecure, active

Dolphin is an emotional representative of the fauna, they have a high level of empathy, feeling and capturing the feelings of each person nearby. Thanks to this, he knows how to help those in need.

Dolphin fights for justice and peace. They don't expect gratitude for their work, their help is not for show. Altruism is a normal thing for them, so, in their opinion, everyone should do so.

Dolphins are sociable and open – they're real extroverts. Friendship is important for them, loneliness oppresses them.

Preferences and Fears

The Dolphin is not geographically tied to any place, he is a wanderer looking for a soulmate. It is difficult for them to lead a sedentary lifestyle in the family nest. A harmonious relationship with them is possible only if their second half participates in their good deeds.

The Dolphin cares little about money and material benefits. Their motivation is to help others. The Dolphin often suffers from misunderstanding, because they are very vulnerable and need love and attention themselves.


In the professional field, there are no psychologists and social workers, teachers, and doctors equal to them. Where there are suffering people who need to be taught or healed – it's where they belong, while trade and occupations that have to do with power are a real taboo for a Dolphin.