Air, south and north, predator, large, confident, active

Eagles are aristocrats who easily and proudly carry themselves in any society, which can't but cause envy among others. Eagles are not at all worried about this, though.

The Eagle is a leader who unites the team and inspires people to feats. Not surprisingly, they make excellent bosses. These birds consider any means to an end appropriate.

Preferences and Fears

Eagles often marry early, they don't have the habit of cheating on their one and only. However, their partner doesn't come first for them, giving precedence to his children and parents. Eagles are used to freedom in everything: thoughts, actions, movements.

They love nature, sports, and extreme entertainment. The Eagle is a predator, and just like in nature, it hovers, waiting for the right moment to attack.


Office work for the Eagles is hard labor. In a confined space, the Eagle loses their wings, they don't get inspired there. They gravitate towards open, limitless spaces. So, the Eagle will be an excellent pilot or builder. Or they will take a different path in search of creative freedom: they will become a blogger, journalist, or musician.