Key Characteristics of the Boss

People who know beyond the doubt what they want from life, and go toward the goal with confidence. One can feel their firm belief and power, which makes people follow them. This is the Eighth type of Enneagram – the Boss, or Challenger.

This confidence is also manifested in their appearance, they always stand on two feet. When talking, they choose a position opposite the person, looking into their eyes.

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The name was chosen for a reason since is obvious that these people are born leaders. Organizational abilities of this type are simply innate. Besides, they do not fear responsibility, and they put every effort to protect someone whom they are in charge of. It is reasonable that such people often take the post of CEO or chief of the company.

The Eights are energetic and passionate, ready to act and, if necessary, move mountains. That is why their second name is “Challenger”.

According to them, one needs a strong personality and an iron will to survive and prove oneself. Each obstacle helps them to build their own character. One can even say that sometimes it becomes more interesting to overcome yourself than pass an obstacle.

People of this type often subconsciously divide everyone into the strong and the weak and have only the first ones in their circle. People of the eighth type would prefer a "strong enemy to a weak friend."


The Eights believe that life is a battle, where the defense cannot be removed at any cost. Usually, however, representatives of this type need protection themselves. They are pachyderms, and hide their own vulnerabilities and emotionality under their thick skin! Perhaps, the echoes of the old trauma led to the erection of such harsh protection from others, and now their tender part is either hidden deep inside or almost eradicated. It is possible that on a subconscious level, you are waiting for a worthy partner with whom you can show your hidden tenderness.

Usually, this type does not have a lot of close people: it is just family and a few true friends. When surrounded by close people, you can relax a bit and show accumulated tenderness and care, sharing your own experiences and values. For Bosses, attention and assistance are expressed materially.

When finding themselves in a new environment, the Boss can take an observer position, getting acquainted with the participants and evaluating their qualities. The Boss needs to find out who is who. Such a condition can last until they have a feeling that they sufficiently control the situation to show everyone who is the real Boss here.