Land, south, herbivore, large, confident, not active

The Elephant has a stubborn and freedom-loving personality. They never recede in a dispute, they defend his point of view. The Elephant loves to make grandiose plans, the implementation of which often challenging due to this animal's lack of decisiveness.

In general, the Elephant is calm and balanced, but one shouldn't make them angry. In anger, he is ready for extreme measures. Elephants are noble animals. They won't ignore injustice, they help the weak, protect those in need.

Preferences and Fears

Family comes first for the Elephant. Only their life partner manages to help them become less reckless and turn the Elephant's pessimism into optimism. Their family's opinion is of great importance to the Elephant. It is exactly the support of the family, their approval that helps the Elephant to avoid the development of thick skin, protect them from unnecessary stubbornness.

Therefore, an atmosphere of love and friendship, support, and care should reign at their home. The Elephant dreams of his home fortress where there will be grace. The Elephant is monogamous. He is not interested in amorous adventures that risk ruining his idyll. For a union, it is best for the Elephant to look for an active optimist with similar views on family life.


The Elephant is active in the professional field. They manifest themselves, they show their intelligence and knowledge of the matter without hesitation. They like to deal with negotiations, make deals, lead people. And it works out great for them. The Elephant is often the leader. They're not spontaneous, they prefer to think over everything first and make an informed decision.

Elephants like music, they're good performers. The best choice for them is wind instruments.