ESTJ: The Supervisor (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

We know people with ESTJ personality type as very responsible and practical people. They are also known for their categorization and concretization. ESTJ are inclined to live for today, being interested in the fact that everything would be done in accordance with the rules, schedules and plans. They adore all the traditions, obeying many standards and laws. ESTJ have strong convictions, expecting the same from the rest.

ESTJ personality type - how is it common?

From 8 and up to 10 percent of all the population is inherent for the ESTJ personality type, according to psychologist David Keirsey.

ESTJ - Key Characteristics

For people with the ESTJ type of personality, there is nothing more valuable than tradition, security and rules. They can often be seen in both public and government organizations, it is important for them to maintain the status quo.

Sometimes people may mistakenly find them stubborn, tough, impolite and stubborn. However, this is all due to their orthodox approach to life. They are very responsible, that is why such people often occupy leadership positions.

When other people cannot meet their high standards, ESFJ can show their character and aggression, being critical. However, their self-confidence and strong convictions help them succeed in their aims and plans.

ESFJ tend to be very honest and frank when it comes to sharing their opinions, although, it is often harsh or overly critical. People often call these types of people practical, predictable, stable and faithful.

ESTJ are able to make objective, impersonal decisions, relying on objective information and logic for decision-making, but not on personal feelings. ESTJs take both fact and logic into account in order to make rational choices, rather than focusing on their own subjective feelings.

ESTJ use concrete facts, not abstract information, they are very practical. ESTJ enjoy to learn about new things they can see directly using in the real world, but they often lose all the interest when it comes about abstract or theoretical things.

ESTJ are able to make decisions quickly, but they are often too quick in this. It would be nice to be able to look at situations more deeply. However, this feature makes them good leaders, the main thing is that they would not be considered excessively sharp or abrasive.

Strengths of ESTJ

  • Have leadership qualities
  • Self-confident
  • Reliable
  • Realistic
  • Workaholics
  • Practical

Weaknesses of ESTJ

  • Not good at expressing feelings
  • Reasoned
  • Inflexible
  • Bossy

Who are some famous ESTJs?

Celine Dion
Ivanka Trump
Mickey Rourke
Nolan Ryan

Personal Relationships

Like any extrovert, ESTJs cannot imagine their life without the company and communication. They love noisy parties and feasts, enjoy seeming funny in social situations, as well as stealing the show.

However, the family is also of great importance for ESTJ. They make a lot of effort to fulfill their family responsibilities. Such people remember all the dates of important events, such as birthday, anniversary, meeting day. ESTJs are looking forward to attending family meetings, weddings, holiday parties, student meetings and others.

They take their own opinions very seriously, being less inclined to listen to what others are saying on this issue. Stiffness with respect to both rules and procedures is one of the ESFJ potential weaknesses.

Career Paths

ESTJ often succeed in leadership roles because they value both order and organization. Being in such positions, they strive to ensure all the group members follow all the rules, traditions and laws established by the parents.

ESTJ manifest to be both hardworking and reliable at school and at work. They strive to follow the letter instructions, showing great respect for authority figures. ESTJs have a wide range of personal characteristics that help them succeed in different spheres of activity. They rarely ask questions or complain about work, being careful and punctual in its completing.

Their emphasis on rules and procedures helps them to cope well with management and managerial positions, while their respect for laws, powers, and order helps them succeed in law enforcement functions.


ESTJ often appreciate reliability in almost everything. They are very sociable and love to involve their friends in activities they enjoy. If you are a reliable and loyal friend, adhering to its obligations, it will not be difficult for you to establish strong friendly relations with ESTJ.


Children ESTJs, as a rule, are known for their both commitment and responsibility, but be careful not to place too many expectations on your child’s shoulders. They love a quiet life with a routine. They still need adviсe, guidance and rules, even though they are quite independent. Their security, they aspire to is above all.


ESTJ - reliable partners, taking their obligations seriously. They will be faithful to you until the end of life, as soon as they decide to devote themselves to relationships. However, they tend to neglect feelings if running into difficulties. It is important to remember they often convey their emotions through actions, although they may not even express their feelings in words.

What are some good careers for an ESTJ?

  • Restaurant Owner
  • Sales Manager
  • Financial Counselor
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Attorney
  • Military Officer
  • School Principal
  • Dentist