ESTP: The Persuader (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

People with this type of personality are often called sociable, action-oriented and dramatic. ESTP enjoy spending time with friends and relatives, talking about different topics. They are interested in living for today, focusing more on details than on a broader view of things.

Such people are often logical. They give greater importance to objectivity, rather than personal feelings, when making decisions. ESTP do not like to be limited by excessive planning. Instead, they like to improvise and use their talents to the fullest.

How common is the ESTP personality type?

The ESTP personality type is inherent for up to 10 percent of all the population, according to psychologist David Keirsey.

ESTP - Key Characteristics

If such people encounter problems, they quickly look at the facts and find an immediate solution. ESTPs are more prone to improvisation than spending time planning.

ESTP do not have much use for abstract theories or concepts. They prefer simple information, which they can think rationally and act immediately. ESTP are more practical.

ESTPs often understand details other people never notice, being very observant. Other people sometimes describe them as very persuasive and “fast talking”. It often seems to them they are several steps ahead of the conversation if talking about social networks.

ESTP are not planners. They can often be impulsive or even risky, reacting right away at the very moment. Sometimes it can be problematic as they can say or do what they didn’t want.

One of the common myths about ESTP is that they are reckless. In some cases, people with this type of personality may commit hopeless acts. However, in most cases, ESTPs act quickly, based on their both impressions and logic.

Since ESTPs are heavily focused on the modern world, these people tend to be realistic. They are interested in the types, sounds and experiences, occurred right around them, and they rarely allow themselves to dream.

Being sensors, people with this type of personality want to touch, feel, hear, try and see everything and anything that might interest them. When something new is learned, it is not enough just to read about it in the textbook or listen to a lecture - they want to experience it for themselves.

ESTP can become boring in tedious situations or in learning situations that require a lot of theoretical information because they have too much energy. ESTPs get to work and are ready to take risks in order to do their work, being typical “performers”.

Strengths of ESTP

  • Adaptive
  • Resourceful
  • Happy
  • Communicative
  • Vigorous
  • Convincing
  • Observant

Weaknesses of ESTP

  • Insensitive
  • Quickly gets boring
  • Competitive
  • Dramatic
  • Impulsive

Some famous ESTPs:

Donald Trump
Kevin Spacey
Mike Tyson
Milla Jovovich

Personal Relationships

Being extroverts, ESTPs get energy by being close to other people. They are considered to be as cheerful, friendly and charming in companies. According to Kirsi, people with this type of personality are particularly well able to influence people.

ESTPs are not only good at interacting with other people, but they also have a natural ability both to perceive and interpret nonverbal communication. ESTPs are succeeded in both sales and marketing careers with these abilities.

Career Paths

People with the ESTP personality type feel as comfortable as possible when interacting with people, so they work best in terms of communication. They do not like both routine and monotony very much, so it will be more interesting for them to work with creative tasks.

ESTP have several personality characteristics, making them suitable for a particular career. That's true, they are very observant, possessing very strong human skills. ESPT work as excellent sellers.

They also are good at jobs, where a quick response is required, such as ambulance staff and police officers. ESPTs are both resourceful and action-oriented.

Friendships with ESTP Type

ESTP has an inexhaustible thirst for adventure. You can be a good friend, always preparing for new experiences or even coming up with plans, offering challenges and excitement.


ESTP children can be both entrepreneurial and independent, so parents need to set boundaries, ensuring fair and consistent discipline. Children with this type of personality need a lot of practical training to keep them occupied, but they can fight in school where they quickly get tired of the routine.


Relations with ESTP are very exciting and fun, but they can quickly bore them. ESTP do not like long philosophical discussions, but they enjoy conversations about common interests and hobbies. Please note, that your partner prefers taking things day to day, may have complexity accepting long-term commitments, and it is difficult for him to make plans for the future.

Some good careers for an ESTP:

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Sales Manager
  • Police Officer
  • Photographer
  • Chef
  • Carpenter
  • Financial Manager
  • Civil Engineer