Land, predator, middle-sized, confident, active

Bright, attractive, sometimes extravagant, we can say even luxurious Fox can be very insidious. It's not difficult for them to deceive and blackmail someone for their own benefit, but in all they do, there is beauty and unobtrusiveness. It is impossible not to love or not be fascinated by such a charming person.

Foxes are very thrifty, they don't waste money and prefer to hide their riches in their burrow. They adore chic outfits and outrageous looks that they are not averse to capture in photos. Foxes know their worth. They are confident in their uniqueness and peculiarity since childhood. They have very developed intuition, they seem to be connected with the Universe. These qualities make them very mysterious to those around them.

Preferences and Fears

Fox does not trust others, they will persistently check a person before trusting them. However, Fox tends to be influenced by people around her.

Fox has tremendous potential. Their grace, sexuality, charm and love to life are contagious and delightful.

The Fox is not a picky eater, they're happy on little. However, they never forget about themselves to please someone. They know how to value and love themselves and will never be anyone's doormat.


In the professional sphere, Foxes are maximalists, i.e. they think that if one does something, they should do it efficiently and sensibly. If Fox chose to be a doctor, then people will say about them that they are a "godsend"; the same goes for actors who sometimes feel the role better than the director.

For the Fox, there are practically no restrictions when choosing a field of activity. Lady Fox will do well in any of them. The Fox does not strive to create and lay new paths, to invent the wheel, they are quite satisfied with using the benefits that had been already invented.