Land and water, predator, small, confident, not active

Looking at someone you surely don't want to call them a frog. But you have to. And please don't take this as an insult. Because Frogs are pretty good looking. And the first impression they give is an extremely pleasant one.

Preferences and Family

Frogs are very caring parents. They are ready to give themselves to their child, willing to do anything for their family. If they love someone, they love them with all their heart.

Frogs have emotional personalities, they do everything to the extreme, there is no "golden mean" for them. They are not used to hiding their feelings. They are honest with others and with themselves.

Also, they are easily offended and hurt, it's even easy to make them cry. They crave everything new. Because of this, they can easily give up on an old project by switching to a new one.


Frogs have a good ear, often a perfect pitch. Very often, they choose a vocalist and singer job. Frogs are great at jobs like financier, banker, treasurer, lawyer, too.

Frogs have analytical skills, excellent intuition. They are used to bringing their brain to work, in other words, they prefer intellectual work. Besides, the Frog is a symbol of wealth for a reason. They choose high-paying jobs, too.