Water, herbivore, large, confident, active

A Goose is a creative individual skillfully using their feathers as quill pens to write fascinating essays. Geese strive to free themselves from the mental restrictions that hold them back in order to return to their true essence.

Preferences and Fears

This distant relative of the Swan shares similar views on family values. They are loyal to their one and only, choosing a life partner for life. Geese are caring parents, devoting a significant amount of time and energy to their offspring alongside their soulmate.

In terms of food, Geese often lean towards vegetarianism, refusing to consume animal-sourced products. They are not attracted to the prospect of living in unsuitable conditions and tirelessly search for an ideal place under the sun and new opportunities for self-realization.


Goose is a notorious and ambitious careerist with an obsessive desire for power. They don't necessarily strive to lead everyone and everything around them; they can be satisfied with a small position if it implies authority and subordinates.

Geese are by no means lazy; they work hard to achieve their goals. At the same time, they easily find common ground with others. Co-workers say that Geese have a gift of persuasion that is difficult to resist.