Green Turtle


Water, south, herbivore, confident, not active

The Turtle is secretive and uncommunicative. They don't have the habit of rushing. They have learned to defend themselves from the whole world with the help of a shell, so they don't get anxious in vain.

People are impressed by the Turtle's behavior. And the Turtles share their benefits with people with ease and pleasure. A great Turtles' feature is to remember their mistakes and learn from them, and an analytical mindset allows the Turtles to learn not only from their own mistakes but also from others' mistakes.

Preferences and Family

Turtles are philosophers and can complicate many things. They have a supersense for justice. Nothing throws them off balance like unpunished evil.

Turtles are conservatives. This also applies to their family life. They pick a life partner forever. Even the most explosive and unbalanced people calm down around the Turtle and can enjoy harmonious quality relationships.

Turtles have serious behavioral and academic requirements for their children. Turtles are avid family men who cannot be lured into entertainment establishments and noisy parties, restaurants, and casinos. They feel comfortable at home with family and friends, which they are quite satisfied with.


Turtles are unhurried; painstaking, difficult and routine work is not hard for them, and they will certainly succeed at it.