Land, herbivore, small, insecure, active

Most would be happy to be tigers and panthers, it hardly occurred to you that you are a Hare. But don't rush to get upset because the Hare literally attracts well-being and good luck, as well as many other pleasant surprises.

Please don't confuse them with rabbits, they are radically different animals. Hares are inhabitants of the forest, they have a more tangible connection with nature.

Preferences and Fears

Hares are sensitive and impressionable, freedom-loving, their own territory is very important for them. The same goes for communication: they divide others into their own kind and strangers, helping and warning their own kind and keeping their distance from strangers. Hares grow up quickly, since early childhood, they show independence and teach their children that.

Hares are sociable, they talk a lot and quickly. It happens that they simply can't be stopped. Often, they "jump" from topic to topic, actively gesturing at the same time. They are impatient; waiting and wasting time makes them lose their temper.

In a conflict situation, the Hare fights back with lightning speed, and in a pretty strong way. Such a turn of events can be very surprising to those around them, who didn't know about such an active position and self-confidence they have. After all, at first, this animal is considered a completely harmless creature: sensitive, vulnerable, preferring loneliness.


What the Hare is just perfect at is imitation – they're excellent parodists. They can make people cry with their humor, so that they can succeed in any profession related to working with people