Land, predator, small, not confident, not active

Congratulations, you are the Hedgehog. The most abrasive, with a caustic personality and the ability to keep secrets. Seen for experiments on others – they can surprise others with spontaneous, impulsive actions.

The Hedgehog evaluates themselves soberly, objectively, they’re in no hurry to get into a fight if it is too tough for them. But this is not always easy, because coping with one's temper is a rather laborious task. Their impulsiveness often manifests itself in words; some harshness in the nature of the Hedgehog can set others against them.

Preferences and Fears

A coat made of needles is a means of defense for each spiny animal. A dangerous situation will spur them to use their entire arsenal. One shouldn't encroach on the personal space and freedom of the Hedgehogs.

The Hedgehog is circumspect, they don't trust anyone. They choose friends carefully and leisurely. They have an excellent memory, and rancor is also with them.

It may seem that the Hedgehogs are greedy and spiteful, but this is only his defensive reaction to the negativity that surrounds them. Hedgehogs are often nervous for no reason, they fuss, although outwardly they create the impression of a restrained and balanced person. Hedgehogs don't take anything on faith, they have their own opinion about everything and they trust only themselves, their eyes and ears.


The unjustified risk for the Hedgehog is a phantasmagoric act. Only after meticulous analysis and calculation, the Hedgehog will make their decision on a risky deal. With all this, Hedgehogs are still experimenters. They love to look for something new and interesting, routine work that requires diligence and care is no good for them. They'd rather be test pilots, explorers, or travelers.