Land, herbivore, large, confident, active

Beauty and grace, stateliness and vitality – this is what this animal radiates out into the world. The horse is used to understanding social life, fashion trends, they know where to find the most "delicious and juicy grass."

The animal loves to be the center of attention because they are prepared for this. They are beautifully, modernly, and stylishly dressed, they have a grounding in the knowledge and a sense of humor, they attract and delight everybody with their mane and muscles. Intelligence and beauty go together in the Horse, perhaps, like in no one else.

Preferences and Fears

For Horses, public opinion, or even public approval, is important. It is exactly these people who will never go out into the street wearing untidy or home clothes. Their look must be perfect and well thought out to the smallest detail.

They always carry themselves skillfully, delighting the interlocutor with a bright speech. They try to create an image of a self-confident person. And deep down inside they could tremble from anxiety.

It's important for horses to be in constant motion, they wither away without dynamics and speed. Horses love freedom, and sometimes wildness. They are always fit, athletic, love to participate in competitions and contests. Quite often, the adrenaline of the competition becomes a reason to let sports into their life. Also, a crucial component of happiness from physical activities is for sure the fact they're collective.

For a full and happy life, Horses need a partner – a faithful, reliable companion. Horses are often monogamous, therefore they take choosing their spouse seriously.

The same goes for friendship. For a Horse, a close friend is important, with which one can share sorrows and joys. Therefore, Horses only select a few, proven ones as friends, and they won't keep in touch with people they dislike. In general, Horses are friendly, adventurous, and often extremely emotional.


Horses value their work, they are responsible and disciplined – they always complete tasks qualitatively and on time. Such traits distinguish the Horse from the team and make them the boss's favorite. Horses often manifest themselves in a manager, ceo, or financier position.