in love

If a man likes a woman, how does he show it? How can you tell if a coworker or a neighbor likes you? Or how do you know if a partner is with you because he is in love or because this relationship is convenient for him? Here below is the list of clear signs a man is in love with you. And if you want to know with an even higher accuracy if someone you are dating really likes you, we suggest you take this Does He Like Me? reliable test.

1. He pays attention to his physical appearance

Pay attention to whether the man's grooming habits are changing. Perhaps he has begun to use perfume more actively, shave more often, trimmed his beard at the barber shop, or started wearing shirts instead of the usual sweatshirts. Increased attention to one’s appearance may indicate that a man really wants to be liked by you.

2. He makes physical contact with you letting you into his personal space

sigts of love

Perhaps he started touching you more often, as if inadvertently - this, of course, is not about harassment, but about casual physical contact - you both reached for one button in the elevator or, talking about something, he took your hand. A man in love can let you into his personal space pretty easily. He will not instinctively move away if you yourself get very close nor pull back your hand if you have touched him by accident.

3. He shows his care and willingness to help you

It's logical: he cares about you, so he asks himself - and you! - how you're doing, if you need something. So, if he is not a selfish person in general, he will notice when you need help even without you asking for it or willingly respond to your requests.

4. He is very excited every time he meets you

What could be another sign that a man is in love with you? Probably that special thrill that he feels before meeting you. The heart beats faster, the pulse quickens, and the blood rushes to the face. That is a hormonal surge, so his body shows excitement - your date is pleasant for him, even though it might be a bit stressful because it makes him anxious. Because he really wants to make a good impression on you, like before an exam in college or a job interview with a dream company.

5. He willingly smiles back at you and laughs at your jokes

loving smile

If you like being witty, a man who is in love with you will surely appreciate your sense of humor. Moreover, he himself will try to bring many smiles to your face - and he will be very pleased whenever he succeeds.

6. He is open for contact both online and offline

Of course, there are days when he gets busy and has lots of stuff to do, just like everyone else. So sometimes he doesn't answer right away. Other times, he just takes his time to enjoy your message, reread it over and over again, and come up with a decent line. But in the end, he will definitely answer if you are really important to him. And if you were the one who offered to meet, he will be glad to see you. And if on that day he needs to take his grandmother with her five cats to the countryside, he will tell you that he is ready to take you on a date the next evening.

7. He "mirrors" your facial expressions and gestures

Many researchers believe that lovers unconsciously copy each other's body language. Masters of negotiations and pickup artists use this to their advantage - in order to establish contact, they “mirror” the gestures, posture, and facial expressions of their interlocutor. But if someone sincerely likes you, this happens naturally.

8. He looks at you a lot (even though he may avoid direct "eye to eye" contact)

loving look

What else could be the sign of a man really liking a woman? He looks at her a lot. If your new friend cannot take his eyes off you, this may indicate his deep interest in you. And, believe us, it doesn't matter if your hair is messy, whether you put on makeup or gained a couple extra pounds over the past week. He does not care. To him, you are beautiful just the way you are.

9. He is nervous about potential competitors

Nature has instilled in us the ability and the desire to compete for a potential partner. And even the calmest men can suddenly start fighting for you. “Why did you have lunch with that guy from your office yesterday?” “What does your new boss want from you?” Does any of that sound familiar? A man in love will vigilantly observe all his potential rivals (even imaginary ones). It can even be cute! But be careful - if he shows signs of morbid jealousy, you should stay away and save yourself from a relationship with a dangerous person.

10. He is ready to leave his comfort zone for you

We are certainly not encouraging you to try and change the guy you’re dating. However, recent research has shown that when love is new, partners are very likely to try new things and explore new sides of their personalities. For example, you might notice that he's been extra generous since you said it’s so sweet of him to donate money to your favorite charity.

11. He willingly talks about the future and is ready to plan things together

If he proposes to you on the second date, be careful. You may risk to fall into the trap of a tyrant and an abuser. A reasonable and sober-minded person will not jump into it with both feet making lots of promises that are of little value in this case. But if you meet and gradually get to know each other better, a man who is truly in love will be, at some point, ready to talk about the future, in which the “I” will be replaced by the “we”.