Air, south, herbivore, small, confident, active

The hummingbird is a real worker for the benefit of themselves and society. They are happy to help others, this help charges them with energy and joy. They are sociable and open to the world, they do not like loneliness and isolation from others.

Hummingbirds are constantly looking for mutually beneficial forms of interaction with the world, cooperation and partnership with other people. Such goals are often hard to achieve, and the Hummingbird has all the ingenuity and perseverance in the world to achieve them.

Preferences and Fears

The Hummingbird skillfully manages their own life: they are independent in their judgments and views, can be flexible and adapt to any situation. Hummingbirds people are optimistic, they know how to enjoy life. And they're happy to share their optimism and harmony with others.

Remember that captivity for Hummingbirds is equivalent to death, do not lock your impulses and dreams in a cage, give a chance to your dreams to come true! Hummingbirds are dreamy and full of creative energy. They strive for beautiful things, they don't want to notice everything bad, ugly and evil and quickly forget. Hummingbirds avoid conflict and confusion.


For the creative Hummingbird, such occupations as a designer, artist, writer, poet, and musician are perfect. The Hummingbird can solve any problem creatively, not only in creative jobs. Hummingbirds dress tastefully, decorate their homes beautifully, and clearly have a sense of style.