Land, south, predator, large, confident, active

A Cat that is self-confident, proud of their physical shape, is ready to perform feats anytime. Their credo is to be on top. To lose is the biggest misfortune for a proud Lion, they must win by all means. Very often, Lions set a fairly high bar for themselves, and they always strive to reach it.

These animals are distinguished by healthy optimism and fortitude. Their positive attitude is a real motivation for people around them. Lions are real leaders. Dancing to someone else's tune is no good for them.

Preferences and Fears

Lions don’t do anything just for the sake of a whim or pleasure; they live for the sake of "satisfying their hunger," without hurting anyone for the sake of ordinary self-satisfaction. Lions must be surrounded by luxury and wealth. They are real esthetes, they're used to enjoying everything that surrounds them.


The Lion is an introvert, the leading place seems secluded to them. Completion of a started project or task is a prerequisite for feeling a deep satisfaction. Lions are calculating, just a little bit impulsive, they prefer to think and plan their actions thoroughly. Success is assured to them with this approach. Most CEOs and successful entrepreneurs are Lions.