Land, north, predator, small, confident, active

Lynx is a rebel who does not accept rules and gravitates towards people rejected by society. The Lynx won't allow anyone to treat them poorly, they actively stand up for their rights. The Lynx hates household chores and is happy to take any opportunity to take a break from them.

These animals are very sweet and cheerful, optimistic, and captivate others. The Lynx is active and fun, easily becoming the life and soul of the party. They're also happy with noisy gatherings with their family.

Preferences and Fears

The Lynx can be susceptible to such weaknesses as gambling, drugs, or alcohol. They can give the impression of a leisurely person, but laziness has nothing to do with it. They skillfully create the image of a mysterious and enigmatic person.

The Lynx can have mood swings – from an affectionate kitten to a wild beast. Such unpredictability causes, at least, the bewilderment of others, and may be a reason for them to avoid the Lynx. But this animal has a super-useful trait – the ability to mobilize instantly. As a real predator, they can react to a situation with lightning speed.

The Lynx is picky when it comes to choosing the partner, they set a high bar for them. They will not let anyone command them, to force them to do anything. Personal freedom for Lynx is the most important element of harmony. Such people need to make their choices independently.


In the professional sphere, the Lynx strikes with irrepressible energy, they constantly dream of new achievements. Luck favors them, they get promotions, often thanks to intuition. Dancing and gymnastics are great for Lynx because of their innate grace and flexibility.