Melancholic Temperament Type

White and fluffy melancholic. They are soft, humble, touching, know how to understand and sympathize like nobody else. They took to complicated world of human feelings, troubles, and emotions like a duck to water.

What is a melancholic temperament?

Sensitivity and well-developed intuition are typical for melancholic people. Finally, they commonly have almost excellent taste, and they are a sincere connoisseur of beauty. Constancy and depth are inherent parts of melancholic.

Melancholic Key Traits

Melancholic people can easily live alone. They are considerate, attentive, and observant during the conversation, but they cannot communicate with people for a long time, especially with strangers.

Additionally, they, as opposed to choleric, don't have a violent temper. There is no phlegmatic stubbornness or slowness, and they completely not into constant hobbies changing, like sanguine.

Some Famous People with the Melancholic Personality

Vincent Van Gogh
Albert Einstein
George Washington
Mother Teresa

Career Paths

In a familiar and calm atmosphere, people with a melancholy type of temperament feel comfortable and work very productively. They are efficient, pedantic and careful workers. There is absolutely nothing that escapes their sight. Therefore, melancholic achieve success at work that requires pedantry, monitoring, details research and, at the same time, excludes a wide range of contacts.

If melancholic is a competent specialist, he or she will be the first who notice a crisis in the company and make an alarm. Their premonitions may come true. Melancholic possess perspicacity and get a feeling about people. Therefore, they are a bargaining chip in negotiations. They don't talk, but just observe partners behavior; after that, melancholic will give an accurate assessment of every participant: where they said one thing and thought of another, what those people had in mind.


Friendship and Relations

Melancholic have very few friends, but they are important. Such friendship is always strong and for ages. Melancholic individuals keep the family together despite any circumstances.

The head of the family is their soul mate as melancholic want to be protected under their spouse wing. Another distinctive feature is that melancholic people never cheat on their loved ones.

Best jobs for the melancholic people:

  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Video editor
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Surgeon
  • Software developer
  • Accountant