Land, predator, small, confident, active

Mongooses are energetic and active. They enjoy communication with people, their attention. Mongooses always manage to win in any situation. They love it when there's action around them, and routine situations oppress the Mongoose.

They are friendly, they avoid arguments and conflicts. However, it is only until someone pushes their buttons. They fight back immediately, even if someone may think that the enemy is too tough for them.

Preferences and Family

Mongooses are charming and witty. They easily find common language with different people, make acquaintances. Mongooses are lovers of truth; liars and manipulators are very despicable to them.

Endurance and assertiveness is not something Mongooses lack. They are great athletes who often achieve significant results. Dancing, acrobatics, running - there are many fields where they can prove themselves. They were given that ease and fluidity of movements exactly for this purpose. Moreover, Mongoose is not afraid of new things; any new technique is easy for them.


At work, Mongoose is a leader and an organizing junkie. They're able to make decisions quickly and without hesitation. If they're not interested in being a leader (we are all different, even Mongooses),they can choose a career as a police officer or a firefighter. They like to save and help people, they want to feel needed. And they fit perfectly there because they don't know the meaning of fear.