Land, south, herbivore, confident, active

Monkeys are intelligent and inquisitive, easy to train, have very vast knowledge and an excellent memory. Lack of physical activity is simply contraindicated to Monkeys. Without sports, Monkeys wither away, mope, and even get sick.

Monkeys have their own way of getting out of a conflict situation. They use their sense of humor while reducing the degree of aggression and winning over the conflict participants.

Preferences and Fears

The Monkey, despite their outward gaiety, thinks seriously, has a sharp mind and agile thinking style. Such people are generous but they do not miss out on benefits.

The Monkey has enormous potential, so not to waste it in vain, not to spread their resources thinly on many things, they just need a little discipline and self-organization.


Monkeys are real artists who have emotional facial expressions, so Monkeys can easily succeed in entertainment occupations such as singer, TV host or comedian. And their sociability and ability to find an approach to other people can serve them as a reason for choosing such jobs as a coach or manager. Such people can cope with any task. Only routine mechanical work is unlikely to suit them.