Water, north, herbivore, large, insecure, not active

Narwhal is distinguished by a high level of emotionality and empathy, feeling and capturing the feelings of each person nearby. Thanks to this, they know how to help those in need.

Narwhal fights for justice and peace. He does not expect gratitude for their work, their help is not for show. Altruistic Narwhal is ready to help everyone and always, not seeing it as a feat. This is an ordinary thing for them, the way they live.

Preferences and Fears

Narwhals are sociable and open - real extroverts. They value friendship, and loneliness oppresses and suppresses them.

The Narwhal is often not attached to the habitat, what matters most for them is their soulmate. A quiet haven with his family is not his fate. They choose a companion for themselves who will share and support their views and deeds.

Material assets are not on the Narwhal's essentials list. Their motivation is to help others. However, Narwhals themselves often suffer from a lack of these very material benefits. In addition, they are very vulnerable and need attention.


In the professional field, there are no psychologists and social workers, teachers, and doctors equal to them. Wherever there are suffering people – to teach or to heal – that is their path. But occupations that have to do with trade and power are a real taboo for them.