Water, north, predator, small, confident, active

The Otter is a wise, independent animal with a rich spiritual world. Endowed with perseverance and determination. They know how to enjoy life like children and teach others this, causing admiration and enthusiasm.

Preferences and Fears

The Otter hates loneliness, they prefer to spend time with their loved ones. The Otter loves truly, they're loyal and devoted to a partner. They are active and hardy, fast and mobile, always on the move, and very curious. They believe that anything can be interesting if one looks at it from a different angle.

The Otter prefers not to get involved in conflicts, but to avoid them. But they can attack if necessary. They hate disrespect and false people, do not tolerate sycophants and hypocrites. For the Otter, their appearance is important. They monitor their health and the preservation of their youth, do sports and eat healthy.

The Otter is an optimist, for them, people around them are friendly neighbors, unless, of course, they prove the opposite. The Otter also manages to avoid envy and suspicions. Their conviction is that a person in harmony with themselves should not be jealous and malicious, that they can rejoice in the success and happiness of others.


It is quite difficult to imagine the Otter day after day poring over the same routine work. Their mobility and independence simply will not allow them to do this. They need a job in a sphere that gives them enough personal freedom to be creative. And it doesn't matter at all what the Otter chooses in the end, as long as they have an opportunity to act independently, without reporting to the boss about their every decision.