Air, predator, small, confident, inactive

Owls are purposeful, they do not care about the opinions of others, they trust only themselves and their feelings. They live exclusively following their own schedule, and by this, we don't mean only night activity. They have their own life plan, their own routine. Is it not right to be a company CEO at such a young age? Is it time to have kids? They will decide for themselves when and what needs to happen in their life.

Preferences and Fears

They are used to being independent, not allowing anyone to impose conditions on them. Owls ignore any stereotypes and labels, preferring to check everything personally. They don't like noisy parties, they like solitude or a very narrow circle of well-chosen friends. Owls put spiritual things first, pushing the material down the ladder of needs.

And, of course, their time is night. At night, any task is easier for them, especially a creative one.


Owls are observant, they can become good negotiators, not even the slightest detail escapes their notice. Or just a meticulous researcher who will definitely get to the bottom of the truth. They can become a good judge or lawyer. The responsibility with which the Owl approaches work, assertiveness, and wisdom promise them success in almost all industries.