Phlegmatic Temperament Type

Everyone loves phlegmatic people. They are calm, peaceful and restrained people. They have a low voice and their movements are soft. Phlegmatic individuals never interrupt the interlocutor, moreover, they know how to listen attentively, and they even nod showing their understanding.

Phlegmatic have the most stable type of nervous system. Phlegmatic people are characterized by the balance and ability to cope with any stress. They have a very low emotional level, which is important in the crazy rhythm of modern life.

What is a phlegmatic temperament?

Phlegmatic is a slow and laconic person. Phlegmatic individuals absorb new information for a long time. And besides, they need more time to think when they make a decision. However, phlegmatic have a reliable memory that won't let them down. If phlegmatic remembers something, he or she will never forget it.

The same with decisions. Firstly, a phlegmatic needs to analyze all the pros and cons. Subsequently, phlegmatic individuals will make a decision that will be well-thought-out, balanced, and risk-free. They will not withdraw from the decision, show perseverance and stubbornness.

Phlegmatic Key Traits

It is worth repeating that they are very peaceful or, at least, too passive to come into conflict. But it does not mean that they obey all the requirements of others. Regarding persistence, phlegmatic people surpass other temperament representatives. Phlegmatic won't argue and quarrel, they just silently continue doing their job. It might seem that phlegmatic people are easily annoyed. But they are not

A little smug and awkward phlegmatic can change almost beyond recognition in a moment. They know how to stand up for themselves. Phlegmatic don't worry about anything in a stressful situation. They maintain self-control and a clear mind. Actually, under extreme stress, such people can slow down, and generally refuse to communicate.

Some Famous People with the Phlegmatic Personality

Bill Gates
Steve Wozniak
Walt Disney
Abraham Lincoln

Career Paths

Phlegmatic individuals are extremely efficient, and any monotonous long-term work can be carried out by them with high quality. The same with work where carefulness and thoroughness are required. The emotional stability of phlegmatic can be useful in fields requiring calm analysis and decision-making skills. Phlegmatic people always weigh their potential carefully. Therefore, they avoid overworking, although always finish what they started.

Friendship and Relations

The phlegmatic keep a low profile with others. In some ways, they are even prudent. They don't have a big need for communication, their social circle is rather limited. Meanwhile, phlegmatic are reliable friends and partners. Typically, phlegmatic have only one friend for the whole life. Usually, their friends are childhood friends.

Phlegmatic people meet the soulmate among old friends or acquaintances and get married usually in middle age. They aren't the ones who make noisy scenes with smashing dishes

Good jobs for people with a phlegmatic temperament:

  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Physical therapist
  • Customer service rep
  • Psychologist
  • High school teacher
  • Social worker
  • Fashion or Interior Designer