Polar Bear


Land, north, predator, large, confident, inactive

The largest land predator is a real extrovert who exudes friendliness, conducive to communication, but at the same time is distinguished by prudence. Nature has endowed the Bear with a quiet temper, it’s challenging to bring them into a state of excitement.

Despite their formidable appearance, this animal avoids conflicts and feels comfortable in a familiar environment. However, if, nevertheless, someone manages to bring them out of a state of harmony, in a state of anger, they become very brave and active. This is especially true for a woman who protects her children.

Preferences and Fears

Proud individuals who steadfastly accept their mistakes, without blaming others for them. They studied diligently at school, and they keep the same responsible attitude at work. They know how to organize other people well and lead them.

Bears are very smart; they have a great memory, they remember well both good and evil. Polar bears are individuals who love and value life, who do their best to be happy here and now.


In the professional field, Bears are team players, level-headed, hardworking, great middle managers with great people skills. Bears are courteous and well-mannered, they don’t tend to make scenes. There is no meanness and cruelty in them. Treachery in the struggle for a work position is not in their nature either.