Land, south, herbivore, small, confident, active

Starting to take the test, you hardly imagined that you would be a Rat. But don't rush to get upset, this beast is not as simple as it seems.

First of all, the Rats are simply charming, they will charm the interlocutor in no time with their speech and sense of humor, intelligence and imagination. Rats are romantic and sentimental. Rats are unrivaled when it comes to flirting, their charms can't be resisted.

Preferences and Fears

Rats enjoy life, they transfuse their positive attitude into others. They know how to enjoy simple things. They are trusted and respected, people often seek advice from them, share the most intimate things with them.

The Rat is not averse to being in the spotlight, it feeds their ego. However, the Rat loves to take care of their family, while showing unprecedented generosity.

There is nothing worse than loneliness for Rats. They always prefer to be with family and friends. Rats are attracted by unknown countries and cities, they actively travel.


Rats perfectly realize their potential at work, where one can use their charm, shine with a pleasant speech: show business, journalism, politics, literature. Rats have a talent for making money, so they can get pretty rich. Also, their gift to manipulate people will clearly pay dividends. Rats are hardworking and can move mountains. At the same time, they are quite creative in solving problems along the way. Also, they are characterized by the ability to observe, which will help them if their occupation is a detective or psychoanalyst.

Intellectual work is the Rat's priority. They can be realized by becoming a writer or an entrepreneur. In addition, Rats are excellent speakers and mathematicians, they can choose the occupation of a financier or lawyer, journalist, or politician. And the Rats who are spies and detectives just deserve to end up in books describing their adventures.