Land, south, herbivorous, large, confident, not active

Rhinos are very interesting and versatile personalities. Calmness and stubbornness, curiosity and explosive belligerence are interestingly intertwined in them.

It happens that the Rhino doesn't want to see the obvious for a long time, which is why they get the nickname of someone "blind", "close-minded." However, this label is premature. Rhinos have excellent intuition and a superb memory. The Rhinoceros is a pretty stay-at-home and stick-in-the-mud type.

Preferences and Fears

Curious, they weigh the pros and cons for a long time before making a decision. Some will call this quality cowardice, but they don't care much about the assessment of others, they prefer to remain cautious.

The Rhinoceros is not a supporter of a change in habitat, they believe that one must grow where they were born. They are anxious about the boundaries of their properties, not allowing anyone to violate them, and if they are violated, they won't get into this to understand where it comes from but will immediately attack.

At the slightest threat, they attack, remembering that the best defense is a good offense. And because of his enormous strength, they easily achieve victory, get the result. The Rhinoceros is not afraid of dust nor dirt. They will work hard to achieve their goal using any means on their way to victory


Due to their qualities, Rhino often manages to build their own business, and not the last one in the region. It is often large, among the market leaders, solid, bringing a lot of crispy cash to its owner. After finding their territory, their own line of business, the Rhinoceros delves into all the nuances of the process in detail and qualitatively, building a perfectly working mechanism. And the Rhino demolishes obstacles with their strength, not really delving into the reasons that gave rise to them.

In fact, the Rhinoceros is a lone leader, they don't like teamwork and they cooperate with someone only to expand and protect their territory. The Rhinoceros has a good memory, especially when it comes to grudges, so don't become his enemy.