Sanguine Temperament Type

Sanguine people are well-liked guys. They are sociable, cheerful, and immensely charming. One can say about a sanguine: “Amazingly easy-going person.” But the sanguine's cheerfulness is always moderate, that helps to avoid unnecessary complexity. These people are strong, energetic, and have great self-control.

Typically, people with a sanguine temperament are businesslike, strong and efficient. They like communicating with interesting and important people, have many connections, but only a few close friends. By nature, they are independent people, who enjoy being in a spotlight.

What is a sanguine temperament?

They travel with pleasure, know how to enjoy good food and beautiful landscapes.

Sanguine people live easily and optimistically, don't take personally the problems and difficulties. When a sanguine is sad, he or she just switches to household chores. At times like this, a sanguine person, unlike the other, can start a new project or apartment renovation. People consider them thick-skinned, but sanguine people simply accepted life as it is. They don't like being sad for a long time and will be the first who says: “The show must go on." 

Such people are well-adjusted. They may seem anxious on the outside, but inside keep calm

Sanguine Key Characteristics

Sanguine people can realize themselves in physical as well as mental labor, as they are characterized by stable efficiency. They can concentrate on the assigned task for a long time. Furthermore, they can easily shift from one task to another. However, solving the problem, sanguine people tend to be superficial. Sociability helps them to realize themselves in the service sector, plus it contributes to establishing themselves in a senior position.

It is not a big deal for sanguine people to adapt to any schedule. This temperament representatives adjust to any innovations better than anybody else.

Some Famous People with the Sanguine Personality

Elvis Presley
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Clint Eastwood

Career Paths

Sanguine can realize their potential in any professional sphere. Sanguine people have outstanding organizational abilities. They properly feel the time and can manage it. They are likely to do more than others at the same time.

Friendship and Relations

Sanguine people fit in with new people pretty easily. They always have many friends and fans. They are very responsive friends, but there is a drawback — sanguine people often make promises, which they cannot fulfill. However, friends forgive a cheerful and positive friend of this weakness.

The relationship for a sanguine is a kind of entertainment, they like to go on dates and do something new. It can be said that relationships with sanguine will be very fascinating. They are friendly and unwilling to control a partner, also like to make generous presents.

Good jobs for people with a sanguine temperament:

  • Computer programmer
  • Top manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Business owner
  • Chief executive officer
  • Judge
  • Real Estate Agent