Water, north, predator, large, confident, not active

Seals have highly developed empathic abilities, they know how to empathize with others. And not just empathize, but take specific steps to help people and make the world a better place in general. Seals are able to change very quickly and adapt to changing circumstances and conditions.

Preferences and Fears

Seals are creative individuals with a well-developed imagination. They love to be in the spotlight; the enthusiastic looks of others inspire them to feats.

Seals love children and try to protect them from mistakes and dangers.


A persistent Seal with their agreeable personality can do almost anything. They always finish the work they started. A manager and salesperson jobs most contribute to the empowerment of their potential. They sincerely want to help the client, which undoubtedly captivates people, and spreads energy and enthusiasm onto them.

The Seal can show their strength, confidence, and empathy in the police, rescue jobs, and medical services. Also, Seals are tactful and tolerant, which people around them will be incredibly happy about.