Water, south, predator, large, confident, active

Have you ever heard of a Domestic Shark? Or about shark tenderness? Most likely, you've heard about a "business shark" or a "pen shark" (wordsmith). It's no secret that Sharks are real predators by nature! They are cold blooded, they feel their opponents' fears through their skin. We can say that they are our planet's perfect predators! Sharks are not emotionally devoid, they rather rule their emotions.

Emotional Sphere

Sharks are very observant, curious, even inquisitive. They're able to look closely and find someone's weak points to attack them. They are not burdened by conditionalities, they are used to going straight towards their desired goal.

Their self-acceptance, awareness of their strengths and their skillful use, as well as allowing themselves little weaknesses is what makes them powerful. Sharks will never tolerate arrogance and rudeness, but they will make everybody respect them. Sharks put their own interests first. Such people can be simply unpredictable.


Sharks are consummate businessmen. Their intelligence, ability to plan things and handle emotions help them leave their competitors in the dust. And their intuition is just incredible. They can also masterfully manipulate others. But they completely lack the sense of proportion, so they better be careful not to become fanatical workaholics.