Key Characteristics of the Skeptic

Representatives of the sixth type are exposed to doubt and indecision the most, that is why they are called Skeptics.

People of this type differ by a unique opportunity to see through people, consider things from different perspectives, assess risks, and provide various options for a course of events. Even though it seems like pessimism, the word “realist” better defines such people.

You can start an argument with people of any point of view and present an opposite opinion. You often hesitate, being afraid to choose the wrong option. During the conversation, it becomes apparent when you say: “On the one hand it’s like this, but on the other hand it’s like that...”

Trust is of tremendous significance to you. However, you never easily give your confidence to anyone, but at first, you test your potential friend. If the “guinea-pig” passes such a "test", they will find a faithful life-long friend in your person.


People of your type have friends from early childhood! You are loyal to your company, and family, and it is difficult for you to introduce changes in relationships with loved ones. Equality is another of your values. You never brag about your income and choose simple clothes. You have a subtle sense of justice: you support the weak, and fight for the rights of people, who suffered wrongly.

Also, you have a unique sense of humor: a unique mix of cynicism and provocation. Sometimes, you can make a joke or a comment, for which people just want to kill you :) This is your method of building trust and, at the same time, undermining the excessive authority of some individuals.

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You have an unconscious motivation – the fear that there is no one to rely on and trust, and there is no absolute safety. You often do not acknowledge it; you can only admit some mild anxiety.

According to this, you have two options: either consider in advance all the possible consequences and difficulties or go in the teeth of the fear. The ability to overcome your own fear gives you energy and awakens the taste for life.

Fear is the reason for all your doubts, difficulties in making decisions, and doubts not only in others but also in yourself.

Trustworthy, time-proved people next to you help you to relax. Your worries and skepticism come to naught. You can spend all day playing with children, talking to friends, or sitting on the couch doing nothing.

However, if you find yourself in a situation in which there is no time to think over all the circumstances, you feel very stressed. This may result in you just acting without thinking.