Land, south, predator, small, confident, not active

Snakes are distinguished by their extraordinary mind and way of thinking. One can only envy their grasp in business. Snakes hate poverty with all their heart, they strive to live in prosperity, not lacking anything. Snakes choose expensive clothes and quality food, they love to read philosophy books. Snakes are great entrepreneurs and financiers.

They often make the impression of an arrogant person, looking at others with a haughty, condescending look. People Snakes are not short in the stubbornness and perseverance department. They are wayward and at the same time they have just a phenomenal intuition.

Preferences and Fears

Outwardly, Snakes are calm and balanced, which is very far from reality. Passions are raging deep inside them. They can flare up, be jealous and suspect their soulmate of all sins and, of course, won't forget grievances. However, they are also loyal and sincere. They can have lots of affairs, turn everyone's heads, but when they meet real love, they transform into a reliable and devoted partner.

Snakes do not always manage to share their experiences with loved ones, they are rather closed off. Pretty frugal; spontaneous purchases will not knock them out of their financial plan. Being a Snake's friend is often hard. They can't accept criticism, and someone else's opinion means little to the Snakes. However, Snakes can be loyal friends to those who are sincere with them. The Snake will gladly lend a helping hand to such a person and will always help them solve an urgent problem.


Even on vacation, Snakes think about work, business, setting goals, and planning the next steps on the way to their implementation. So the Snakes can be called real workaholics. Naturally, this approach to life pays off with the success of the Snakes. They are sharp and impetuous even at work. The ideal occupation for a Snake is a stock analyst who needs a sharp serpentine mind, lightning-fast reaction, and balanced calculation to succeed.