Land, south, predator, small, active

The main feature of Spiders is their desire to control everything around them, to choose their own destiny, as if they were weaving the web of their future life themselves. They strive for variety, changing the pattern of the web as needed

Preferences and Fears

Their perseverance is unmatched, as it's difficult to find someone as reasonable as them. They have the ability to subdue people, not sharply, but carefully, for their own benefit. The Spider considers conspiracies and intrigues mean.

Spiders do a good job with planning, they have everything in good order, but they don't intend to become bright leaders. Spiders are not interested in fame and standing ovation.


The Spider always remains outwardly calm, which captivates others. They are hardworking and patient, with a creative approach to work. Having spread the net, the Spider can wait for a long time for the result they need. And their web itself surprises everyone with its creativity. Thus, their diligence can bear fruit in almost any area. They won't give up when they face difficulties. And they have no intention to be happy on little: since they have done some work, they expect a decent reward for it.