Land, predator, small, confident, active

The Squirrel is famous for their irrepressible energy and cheerfulness. Such an energetic personality is able to cope with any difficulties. You can also envy their self-confidence, they won't miss a chance to prove themselves in any situations and teams. Squirrels' inborn ability to observe and ingenuity do them a great service, all they have to do is to calm down their restlessness.

Preferences and Fears

The Squirrel worships their family, simply not noticing any shortcomings and imperfections of their relatives. They're ready to stand up for each family member and take the blame for their mistakes.

Squirrels are sociable and friendly. They do not like to be alone, they have many acquaintances and friends. Squirrels are pretty steady in their love life. They choose a life partner once and forever.

Squirrels are quite practical and homey, which often leads to their passion for collecting.


Squirrel's hard work amazes people with its assertiveness and endurance. True, excessive zeal for the result can be lead to a nervous breakdown. So, dear Squirrels, don't forget about the sense of proportion. The occupation of a PR manager and a marketer will allow them to realize themselves.