Air, south, herbivorous, large, confident, not active

Swan has grace, beauty, and the ability to carry themselves that should be applauded. Swans are almost synonymous with loyalty and honor. They will never do mean things nor will they betray friendship and love. In a difficult situation, they are the first to come to the rescue and are ready to give their eyeteeth. The Swan devotes maximum time to his friends and listens to their problems. Many people are looking for such a friend, but very few find them.

Preferences and Fears

Family comes first for the Swan. They try to give the family maximum attention and care, maximum material wealth, both in qualitative terms and quantitatively.

An atmosphere of freedom and ease, peace and tranquility is important for a Swan. They will not allow anyone to manipulate and pressure them into making a decision. The Swan needs their own "pond" where they can take a break from their worries and recharge with the energy of nature. To stop Swans from flying away for the winter, you need to feed them better, and not clip their wings.

The Swan is rather reserved, they don't like to share what's on their mind. The Swan is parsimonious when it comes to expressing their emotions, but deep down inside, feelings can simply overwhelm them. They love with all their heart, but showing their feelings too much is not to their liking.


Swans are not careerists; they will immerse themselves in their work only if it is education-related. Material assets are not likely to motivate them enough. The Swan is a dreamy personality, spheres of work with the opportunity to show creative thinking suit them. They can feel realized in the role of a writer, poet, journalist, or in dance art, coaching.