Belonging to the group according to the team role theory: Earth group

Representatives of this group do not have their heads "in the clouds", but, on the contrary, stand firmly on the ground. They are conservative and have a hard time accepting workflow changes. These types of employees are confident that a clearly completed task is exactly the result for which they come to work.

Even if they are not chock-full of new ideas, and they don't seek to take responsibility for the overall result, but it is the people from the group of the earth who mostly perform the team's workload. A successful team without responsible performers from the earth group is a rarity.

General characteristics

People of this type are characterized by reliability, predictability, and a responsible work attitude.

They are quite practical, consistent, and conservative, they don't like changes and difficult intellectual tasks. Farmers are easy to communicate with and not prone to emotional ups and downs. People of this type do not like abstract philosophical reflections; in their work, they need to interact with specific material objects. Farmers carry out job duties, follow instructions and stay on schedule; they are not pretentious about working conditions, not picky when it comes to the tasks assigned to them.

They view their professional activity solely as a method of earning money, they clearly distinguish between work and personal life, and they do not project their work failures onto their personal qualities.

Most of these people work in the agricultural sector, manufacturing sector, security forces, construction, cargo transportation, and related industries.


  • Farmers are loyal and devoted to the team they work on.
  • They efficiently fulfill the simple tasks assigned to them.
  • They don't obsess over failure.
  • They easily deal with a heavy volume of repetitive work.
  • They create conditions for stable teamwork.


  • They avoid making decisions; in a crisis situation, they're passive.
  • In his work, they rely not on their own experience, but on the top management's instructions and orders.
  • Unwillingness to improve, grow professionally.
  • They have a hard time accepting changes and innovations.
  • They easily forgive themselves for shortcomings in their work, they connive at their weaknesses.
  • Farmers' work performance requires constant monitoring, otherwise, its quality gradually decreases over time.

Interaction with other types

Farmers are clearly marked executors, therefore, they mainly interact with each other, as well as with their immediate supervisors.

People of this type are annoyed by team members from the air group - Idea Generators, Dreamers, and Geniuses. They find it hard to understand how someone can get tired of discussing an idea or looking for an alternative solution.

Warriors can frighten Farmers with their exactingness. However, in tandem with the Warrior as a top manager, Farmers work much faster and more efficiently.

Functions within the team

Farmers feel comfortable playing secondary roles in the team, they don't beat themselves up about not growing professionally, and they rarely feel dissatisfied with their professional skill level.

Such people willingly do simple work that requires the least degree of responsibility. As a rule, they are the ones that every successful team needs to solve monotonous routine tasks on a daily basis.

Recommendations for professional development

Farmers need time to make important decisions, so they often miss out on interesting opportunities for education or job change. By developing a healthy dose of spontaneity and self-confidence, people of this type discover previously hidden opportunities, which makes their work more interesting, productive, and highly paid.