Soul of the team

Belonging to the group according to the team role theory: Water group

Representatives of water types are very flexible, able to find a common language both with colleagues and management. At the same time, they, as a rule, are average workers - it's much more comfortable for them to "go with the flow» adjusting to the general rhythm of work than to fight for better results.

Such people rarely become "employees of the month", but at the same time, they're not among the laggards. At the same time, the main role in creating an overall positive team atmosphere is played precisely by representatives of the water group, so do not underestimate their influence on the overall mood and results of the team.

General characteristics

Such people are always emotional, good-natured, and cheerful. They have a lively and sharp mind that allows them to carefully avoid conflicts and easily adapt to new people and working conditions.

The Soul of the team is a clear extrovert, an actor who needs the love and recognition of the audience. The possibility of self-expression, family, and a wide circle of friends are among their priorities far above professional success and financial motives. Often such people have interesting hobbies that occupy an important place in their lives, and their professional activity is considered only as a necessity for getting a guaranteed income.

Nevertheless, people of this type are well-versed in their profession, but they don't like to work to the limit of their capabilities, do not strive for the ideal result, and easily forgive themselves for their mistakes. The Soul of the team can spend half a day entertaining their colleagues with funny stories but still complete their tasks on time. Naturally, such a speed of work negatively affects its quality.

They are self-confident, love to be in the spotlight, are genuinely interested in others' lives, and skillfully give compliments, often reaching outright flattery. For them, the impression they make on people is very important, so they take good care of their appearance and dress well. Such talented people easily "charm" others - co-workers are drawn to people of this type and the boss favors them.


  • They bring a lot of positive emotions to the team's working process.
  • They help introverted colleagues to loosen up and find their place in the team.
  • They are capable of handling work at an astonishing speed.
  • They easily join the new team.
  • If the task of the team is close and interesting to them (for example, it comes into contact with the hobby of the Soul of the team),then they spread their optimism to everyone around them and motivate others to work.


  • Infantilism, unwillingness to take responsibility.
  • Self-centeredness, the need to constantly be in the spotlight.
  • They often distract their colleagues, which can negatively affect the quality of their work.
  • Non-commitment in performing tasks, slow professional growth.
  • Lack of loyalty to the team.

Interaction with other types

People of this type equally win all team members' trust, including the top management group. This helps them avoid problems in situations where other employees receive reprimands and fines.

The Soul of the team loves a grateful audience, so they choose Warriors, Blacksmiths, Experts, and Peacemakers for communications. Thanks to the fact that co-workers are always happy to help the Soul of the team, people of this type quite successfully manage to shift some of their tasks onto others.

Functions within the team

Thanks to their sharp mind, they are quite capable of dealing with any functions in the team. But their tendency to laziness and the desire to work as little as possible lead to the fact that the Soul of the team performs rather simple tasks in the team. Good speech and understanding of the profession allow them to successfully participate in negotiations or work in the sales department.

Any social activity brings the Soul of the team to life, and they are happy to organize any event for the team - starting with outdoor recreation and ending with a Halloween party.

People of this type have a huge impact on the team's mood. If such a person starts working for another company, then chances are high that other employees will follow them.

Recommendations for professional development

For intensive professional growth, the Soul of the team needs only one thing - to want it. Then their good relationship with top management, co-workers' support, their gift of persuasion, and speed can be powerful tools to achieve their goal.

It's hard for the Soul of the team to engage in personal development, so group classes and courses are well suited to such people. By studying in a group, they can fulfill their need to be in the spotlight and, at the same time, grow professionally.

The Soul of the team is more likely to achieve success if they incorporate their favorite hobby into their career.