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Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory

Buss-Durkee Hostility Test

The increased stress level of modern people leads to a significant increase in hostility, anger, and aggression. The study of such human reactions has become widespread in recent years and the Buss-Durkee questionnaire has formed the basis for many tools that allow a deeper understanding and control of such human responses.

This test to determine the hostility level was developed in 1957 by American psychologists Arnold H. Buss and Ann Durkee. The questionnaire is designed to diagnose aggressive and hostile reactions in adults.

Hostility vs aggression

At the heart of their research, scientists have established a clear division between hostility and aggression.

Hostility is a general negative, distrustful attitude towards others, which is accompanied by hidden negative feelings and assessments;

Aggression: active external aggressive responses towards another creature.

As a result, Buss and Durkee identified two types of hostility (resentment and suspicion) and five types of aggression (physical aggression, indirect aggression, irritation, negativism, and verbal aggression).

Physical aggression, indirect aggression, irritation, and verbal aggression together form the aggregate aggression index, while resentment and suspicion together form the hostility index.

Take the hostility test

Each person must have a certain degree of hostility and aggressiveness. Take the test and find out how aggressive you are! Note this test is intended solely for informational, educational and entertainment purposes; its results cannot replace the real help of a specialist and should not be used for making any decision.

1. I seldom strike back, even if someone hits me first.
2. I sometimes spread gossip about people I don't like.
3. Unless somebody asks me in a nice way, I won't do what they want.
4. I lose my temper easily but get over it quickly.
5. I don't seem to get what's coming to me.
6. I know that people tend to talk about me behind my back.
7. When I disapprove of my friends' behavior, I let them know it.
8. The few times I have cheated, I have suffered unbearable feelings of remorse.
9. Once in a while, I cannot control my urge to harm others.
10. I never get mad enough to throw things.
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