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Cattell's 16 Personality Factors Test

How is it possible to take the Cattell’s test online free of charge?

The model of individual differences between people with 16 factors was founded by Raymond Cattell back in the 1940s. Unfortunately, it could not gain popularity and acceptance. However, one interesting author`s work attracted widespread attention. A special test created for counseling and human resources, the so-called Questionnaire 16PF, was a breakthrough in the science of psychology. An online test being similar to the Cattell test is brought to your attention. This test is based on publicly available scales developed by L. Goldberg, D. Barenboym, A. Kapustina and other scientists to be equivalent to a 16PF quiz, evaluating the same features, which you can take it for free.

This form of Cattell’s 16pf test does not take more than 10 minutes for most people

You will be asked a series of questions, for each of which one of the suggested answers should be chosen, best corresponding to your views and opinion. Be sure to answer all the questions in a row, without missing anything. There is no need for spending a lot of time thinking about the answers. Give the answer, coming to your mind first. Try not to resort to intermediate, indefinite answers, such as “I don`t know,” “something in between,” and so too often.
Answers should be honest and sincere, as you pass this Cattel’s test for yourself - do not strive to make a good impression with your answers. There can be no answers "correct" or "erroneous".
People are different, and each person has a unique way of expressing their opinions. Your answers must correspond to reality - only then, you will be able to discover yourself better, receiving the right interpretation.

Disclaimer before you start the test

Note this test is provided for educational purposes only. It is not an alternative to any kind of medical advice. All your answers can be used anonymously for general statistics.

1. I think my memory is better now than it was before.
2. I could live alone, away from people without difficulty.
3. Assuming the sky is "below" and it’s "hot" in winter, I would have to call the criminal:
4. When going to bed, I:
5. If I was driving down the road, where there were a lot of other cars, I would prefer:
6. I give others the opportunity both to joke and tell all kind of stories in the company.
7. It is important for me there is no mess around.
8. Most of the people I am in companies with, are glad to see me.
9. I prefer:
10. I am amused by the discrepancy between what people do and what they tell about it later.
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